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Monday, 26 September 2011

Monday 26th September 2011

Interview with Folksy buyer Kim

Something different for you all this week: not a maker, or a seller, but a frequent buyer on craft site Folksy. Kim is a charity worker and aspiring singer, and has treated herself to many a handmade treat, supporting Folksy with her preference for quality crafted items. She was kind enough to let me pick her brains over what she looks for in a handmade item, so pay attention all you makers and sellers!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I'm Kim, aged 41, was born in Jersey and now live in Peterborough with my husband Luke. I study with the Open University for fun (no, really!) I like wearing vibrant clothes and hair, and enjoy discovering new interesting places to go when I can afford to.

How did you come across Folksy?
I was recommended at work as a source of wonderful treasures! In turn I recommend Folksy to everyone I know.

What do you look for when searching for something online?
I go online to look for something that you won't find on the high street - I pride myself in giving original gifts. I do a search on the key colour or style I want, and spend ages looking at photos before I decide.

How does a seller catch your eye?
If I come across something unique and funky, I want to see what else the seller has to offer, and bookmark them for the future. I think it's encouraging if they have a big selection and I love the fact that I'm supporting designers who are passionate about what they do. I have been very impressed by a couple of folksy sellers who had packaged their products so beautifully! Of course it is nice to find a bargain and fair postage costs but I have spent a little more for a special occasion.

Tell us about one of your favourite purchases.

It's difficult to choose but my favourite all-round item is my Polydor vinyl ring that was made by 'When the Music's Over' - it's a great way to recycle old vinyl records, it was a bargain and they took effort to package it well too. I'm sure they wouldn't mind me borrowing their photo to show you, as I can't get a better one with my camera!

And finally, in another life, you would like to be...
 ...A dancer! 

So, there you have it. Plenty of decent images and a carefully wrapped order go a long way! Thanks Kim for giving us a peek into the mind of a buyer. Knowledge from 'the other side' is a valuable thing indeed, especially as Christmas approaches. Take note and take heart, online sellers!


  1. What a great idea for an interview! Very interesting!

  2. great interview, I hope Kim stops by my shop soon xx

  3. Thanks for the positive comments and feedback.
    Much appreciated (^.^)

  4. Great to hear it from the other side and lovely interview.

  5. fabulous! couldn't have said it better myself and I endorse the colourful hair too! xx

    And of course many sellers are also buyers (I would hope!)

    Cherry tree

  6. Fantastic interview, and really helpful. Nice to know such interesting people visit Folksy... but then I always suspected as much :-)

  7. Great to hear about sellers who are inspired by Folksy! Thank you

  8. Great interview! And doesn't Kim look fab!

    Rosie. x

  9. Its lovely to know that folksy is getting known by more people.Kim seems like a lovely bubbly person.Good interview.
    jean x

  10. Fabulous interview. Have shared on fb.

  11. Very interesting! Nice to meet a Folksy customer - great idea for an interview! xx

  12. Very interesting viewpoint - and requirements duly noted! Must check out Folksy sometime - perhaps in my 25th hour of the day! No, I really intend to do so but not sure when!

  13. Great and interesting interview, many thanks to you both x