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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Some photography

These are some photos I shot at the weekend, they started out as a 'what if...' idea for greetings cards. It was wonderful to get Grandad's dollhouse down from storage and marvel over all the little things I used to play with. And some of the more 'retro' pieces I used to discard, I now have a greater appreciation for. Anyway I ordered some from the printers, and put them on my other blog, and people seem to like them. They all have captions but I've just put the photos up here. A slight deviation from my normal illustration work, but oh well!
The hardest thing about them was the poor light you get in dollhouses (that and working with just a standard digital camera), and in fact the bathroom one is shot on my parent's windowsill.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Racing car- go go go girl!

Here is my latest Illustration- a racing car! This was such fun, and I think I might put it on a greetings card for when I launch my new range GhostGhoose- coming soon. Check out my other blog for stuff I make. This week I've also seen sales of my earrings go up- early christmas shopping spurt? Either way it's put a smile on my face- I make earrings for fun so I'd do it sales or no sales, but to know that other people like them is a real boost. Maybe it's my frame of mind to blame for the bright cheery colours in this weeks I.F. submission!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

New birthday card

Here is a birthday card- the first of many I am producing, in the hope soon of starting a new shop on folksy. I thought about putting my card designs in my existing shop.

But in the end to make for a clearer selection I've decided to open a new shop, so watch this space. The existing shop SweetSuzy will continue to be solely for my handmade items. Do browse if you have a spare minute and you can see how I happily waste my saturdays, making plushies and hot dog earrings. The Giant Cuddly Ice cream Cone has created quite a stir on deviant art. :)

I was thinking of calling my greetings card/stationary shop Ghost Goose. I love alliteration, and the name was inspired by a line in the radio 4 comedy play Bleak Expectations- "My Geese! My lovely Ghost Geese!"

Lastly- thank you so much to people that have commented on my 'Spooky' I.F. entry- I'm relatively new to running a blog and I'm super pleased people are actually looking at it and I'm not rambling into an empty void! Thank you!

Sunday, 17 October 2010


Here is my Illustration Friday entry- the word this week being 'Spooky." Quite a toughie, in the end I decided to have fun with an interior- I love rooms, so much fun creating someone's little world in a box. This witch takes after myself- leaves mugs of almost-drunk tea lying around...

Friday, 20 August 2010

Headingham, Essex

This is an oil painting I completed recently for a friend. It is a street in the small town of Headingham in Essex.

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Some silly fluff

Mmm, I love strawberries and cream, cream is my major weakness. This piece comes from a random daydream I had, perhaps influenced by watching Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland recently. Enjoy!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Veggie time and new website

Back after a huge absence. This is some new promotional material which also makes me feel very healthy just looking at it. I think peppers, as well as being delicious, are so beautiful, they always catch my eye in the supermarket and I love chopping them up raw and nibbling on them as they are. Yum...

Also I am pleased to announce I have a new website up and running, which you find by clicking the link on the right. Very excited...