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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Nothing says crazy spinster like...

Now, don't get me wrong, I love cats. I am definitely a cat person - we've had them all my life, until our latest feline companion exited the world's stage gracefully last winter. When you succeed in befriending a cat, you feel like you've gained a co-conspirator, a confidant. I am firmly in the realm of cat person, unashamed, up front.
I also love knitting. Knitting is calming, satisfying, and not as uncool as it was when I was a kid - it's enjoying a well-deserved resurgence and long may that hold out. I hope one day to knit things that don't entirely comprise rectangles, maybe it'll happen.

But this prompted a huge guffaw when I came across it the other day:

Just think about it, allow yourself a smirk too if you want. Knit your own cat. Knit your own cat.

My first reaction is LOVE. But then...

Deep down, cats and knitting both still have a faint whiff of Crazy Lady about them (don't bridle, I'm a cat lover and a knitter, remember, as well as single). We all wish it wasn't so, but cats and single women go together like unwilling contenders in a three-legged race. Fact. I don't like it either. If you're not convinced, just try to imagine the following conversation NOT sounding silly.

"So, Hannah, what are you up to at the moment?"
"I'm knitting my own cat!"

You see?

So, despite thinking this book looks really cool, despite envying the talent of the people that knitted these beautiful creatures (I refer you once more to the rectangles), AND despite being the enthusiastic owner of Knit Your Own Cakes and My Favourite Felt Sweets, I won't be undertaking a knitted cat any time soon.

And if I ever do, I'll be sure not to bring it up on dates.


  1. The book looks fab - some amazing cats to knit, very tempting. Maybe I could knit a companion for my cat Monty...

  2. lol. Too funny. My dog would love for me to knit a cat just so she could destroy it.

  3. It is funny,but im single and cant stand cats,never have,but i definately love knitting.

  4. Am currently "grandmother" to 3 "grandkittens", fate not having presented me with the human variety - yet! Have also had cats (and dogs) most of my life. Whilst an avid toy maker (may I be permitted to hightlight my Etsy shop at this point? Well, I'll do it anyway - it's I've never enjoyed knitted toys - they somehow don't encourage cuddles. As a cat owner though - and a sometime knitter of all shapes and sizes - I often found that cat on lap and wool on needles created certain tensions! Cat loved playing with said wool, which then inhibited knitting action!