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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Weekend painting

It is with some shyness that I show some of my paintings today, possibly because tomorrow I am publishing my interview with the extremely talented Michele Webber, who puts me in the shade. Her paintings are breathtaking, as is her website and blog... but more of that tomorrow. I have picked up the watercolours again after a long time away from them. Here are some of the results:

I've shown the way I work with the painting of the Great Tit, above. I started with a light pencil sketch, then I filled in the body with the lightest background colours, paying careful attention to the highlights. When that dried I could start filling in the darker areas. It was great to see it slowly come to life, I had lots of fun with these. Not sure what to do with them, they could make good christmas presents. The other bird is a Pekin Robin, found in parts of Asia and Africa. Although when I looked it up, it seems much more colourful than the version I drew from (I worked from a bird book).
One of my faults when watercolour painting is being too heavy handed, my pictures often become too dark, even though I avoid black. I'm also guilty of rushing, not changing my water often enough and not cleaning my palette enough, but today I was on my best behaviour. I do have some bad examples of today's work to show you, but I'm far too cowardly to include them. Maybe I could do a feature on bad work in the near future...
Carly and I walking over stones, Cromer 2011


  1. Your paintings are lovely, I hope you show us some more soon! I'd love to see the 'bad examples' too, might make me feel better about some of my work that doesn't quite work out!:)

  2. Love the painting of the Tit - wish I could do it so well! Found you via the Blogging Buddies site on Etsy - and am interested to see where you live! We used to live up the A1 at Long Bennington some years' ago! Small world, eh?

    Will happily follow you, if you'll kindly do the same for me? I'm at, where I write about making, mending and otherwise creating stuffed animal toys, which, in turn, can be found at my Etsy shop Hope to see you there?