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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Winds of change

This morning I awoke to very strong winds rattling around the house, rain pattering at the glass and the sky through the curtains was a deep, pre-dawn blue: the mornings are getting darker. I love autumn, the only downside being the days that are suitable for cycling to work are getting scarcer.

I had a really good response to yesterday's interview, both in the comments box here and via email and the various forums I promote on. Thank you to all of those who commented, read or followed, and of course a big thank you to Gini's Boutique for being in the hot-seat. Don't forget to visit her shop! I've had a number of requests from people wanting to be interviewed too, which I'm delighted about. I hope to interview once a week on a monday, all being good and time allowing. If you have contacted me about this, I'll be in touch with you shortly to arrange a slot. I would like to vary the type of artist/maker I interview each week to keep things fresh.

In particular I'd love to interview a printmaker. This is an area I'm itching to get back into, I used to do a lot of lino printing, and I'm really excited about my materials on their way from ebay so I can get rolling again. There are a few printmakers out there whose work leaves me staggered by it's quality and beauty. I've always loved shapes, and the use of negative and positive space in image making.
 Whilst I wait, here are some paper cuts to show you. 2 ACEO's: A cockerel and Peterborough Cathedral, one of my favourite buildings. And a birthday card I made for my darling dad. He loves gardening and I wanted to give him a special card. For someone who supposedly likes making things, I seem to buy far too many birthday cards.

It's never too late to contact me if you would like to be interviewed. I will tailor each interview to the individual. I'm not planning on giveaways or competitions but if you would like to have one featured, then I'm very open to including it.
And one more thing: let me take the opportunity to plug the latest play to come out of the theatre company Haze Productions. They are based in Peterborough and profits go entirely to charity. Their main charity is the Cystic Fibrosis Trust (The company was created in memory of my sister Hazel Robinson who died from the disease in 2004) But they also raise money for other causes. Their latest production, the comedy Evil In Tents, is staged in Peterborough at the end of this month, please do check out their website for booking details. Here is the poster I designed for the production.

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