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Monday, 3 October 2011

Logo design, frazzlement and happiness

Hello all, I know Monday is usually interview day, but last week was insanely busy from start to finish and I never got time to make the necessary preparations. You can catch up on my latest interviews here though. Highlights include: Selling some earrings (whoop) working a full week, designing a theatre programme until 2 am, bowling, dress rehearsal, beers at M's, three performances where I sold tickets and manned the interval stand, and rediscovering the joys of Red Bull. Mmmm. We raised almost £2000 over three nights with our performance of Evil In Tents - go Haze Productions! The exhaustion and stress was worth every penny.

In other news, I have been asked to design a logo for up and coming card maker and knitter Covlolly Crafts. Thoughts?


  1. Like the design - what's the colour scheme, or is it monochrome for a purpose? Such as encouraging the customers' imaginations?

    Glad the show was a success - hope the adrenalin drop was not too sharp (or perhaps the Red Bull compensated-ha ha?)

    Congrats on the sale - I managed 3 at the MacMillan Cancer Greatest Coffee morning in the world local jamboree on Friday, one of which was from my recently listed Glove Puppet Christmas novelties. You might like to visit to have a look-see and I'll be posting about their production later this week at Cheers!

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