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Friday, 2 September 2011

Journey with scissors...

Here is some more work I have been doing this month for my project: Scissors Paper Pencil. I have been experimenting with paper cutting again, something I have always loved, ever since I was given a set of Jan Pienkowski books as a small child. This illustration on the left shows his beautiful work with silhouettes, and marbled backgrounds. Isn't it stunning? His work has captivated me for years. These days the art is dominated, quite rightly, by the likes of Rob Ryan and Kate Forrester. They are both so amazingly good at what they do I feel quite sheepish picking up the scalpel again, my efforts seem clumsy in comparison, but I just love doing it. The bottom right set of sketches was done in response to a email challenge set by Sandy Ackers, whose blog I subscribe to, she sends out little creative challenges that require nothing more than 15 minutes, some paper and pencil. I'm enjoying my project so much, not much in the way of final, polished work, but in terms of creative juices, it's top notch. Now I have this afternoon's I.F. brief to look forward to!

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