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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Prague 2012

I've just got back from Prague and thought I'd share some of my photography. Prague was cold, whistley, wide, twisting and crooked. I liked the street graffiti and the trams. Alcohol was cheap. I ate strawberry chocolate and hot pastries, bought underneath Charles Bridge. I left my miniature zines in secret places for people to find. I'd definitely go back because I wanted to go to the museum of communism and see a light show, but the friends I went with weren't keen on the idea. Enjoy the photos, I'm going to produce a zine containing my artwork and photography from the trip, so stay tuned.

Friday, 20 January 2012

A special Folksy Friday: Things I have bought

I've been on Folksy now for a year and a half, and in that time I've learnt a lot. I've also bought a lot! See below for images, links and a bit of ramble about the object and its significance to me. When trawling through my purchases I was sad to see some of the shops were empty, hopefully not permanently. Others were alive and kicking, and it was great to re-visit them and see what they were up to now. So, off we go on a journey of my Folksy purchases...

I lived with my best friend back in 2010 and we had some tatty old chairs we got in a charity shop. I stripped them down and repainted them, then re-upholstered them with one of my first ever Folksy purchases. And the result can be seen below. Thank you CelticFusionFabrics! Eventually I sold them on or gave them away. Can't wait for the day when I have my own place once more and can do it again...

This little cutie I bought on impulse, I could not resist him. He arrived tenderly wrapped in tissue paper and raffia, with an adorable badge I like to wear on my favourite grey sweater. He does have a tendency to fall down the back of my bed but I always dig him out and nuzzle him apologetically. This shop is still stuffed full of 'awww'-inducing cuteness, so do pay a visit.

This is AWESOME. When people comment on it (which is often) I always say it is my portable disguise. This photo was speedily uploaded to facebook when I wore it recently to a church meeting. I love wearing this to give my outfit a cheeky, irreverent touch, plus I can make myself laugh in the mirror when I put it on my face (Simple things, simple minds).

A double order from SilentTheatre. This print you see here was given to a friend who is mad about fairies, I kept the other one and it's propped on a shelf behind my jewellery stand (walls are too crumbly to hang pictures in my abode). It also came with a cute mini photo of another buxom lady with wings. The images are stunning, and the paper is thick and glossy, money well spent.
I think this ended up being an 80th birthday card for my Gran, if memory serves. I gave it to her because the card reminded me of her: Elegant, but fun and fresh, that's her all over! 

Another impulse buy. A year or so back I was quaffing wine of an evening and showing a friend Folksy, she'd never seen it before. We stumbled across this and our jaws dropped. I was super skint that month and could definitely have spent my money on more sensible things, but this hat cried out to be on my head and now I am the proud owner. My friend who works in my local pub promptly snapped up one of her own after I walked in for a pint wearing it. It's super warm, it's lined with fleece so it doesn't itch, and it draws stares and admiration a-plenty, not a hat for the faint hearted. It also was made before the high street jumped on the 'animal-hat' bandwagon, so this shop was definitely ahead of trend. Sadly her shop is fairly quiet but I hope she returns soon with her amazing creations.

My latest obsession is zines, and this is my most recent purchase: a little zine that screams cute, by KindDog. It came with two stickers, telling the story of a cat who for various reasons is having to trim down. It's a great addition to my collection, and I'll be following her shop closely from now on.
Have fun Fridays, Folksters!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

New Zine: Theodore Knuckle

I am so happy. My new zine is finally out, it's illustrated in brush and ink, 12 black and white interior pages with a colour cover. 

Every night Theodore Knuckle sits in his tiny studio, playing music and ministering to his listeners: a motley bunch of insane outcasts. In this issue we meet Theodore, the disdainful artist Danger Duck, and the mysterious straitjacketed Mr. Curtain, one of Theodore's regular listeners.

The zine has been illustrated by me, using mainly brush and ink, with some collage and a tiny bit of help from photoshop. Look out for further issues. Each purchase will include a secret freebie. It feels good to get this out there, I'm hoping to sell and swap this, perhaps at the Midlands Zine Meet I'm going to in Coventry next week.

I also received a zine today: Riot Grrr Revival, by MadeByMidge. No photo I'm afraid (pesky dark days) but it contains beautiful collaged imagery and words, came with a little flyer and friendly note. A great addition to my Zine collection :-)

I'm going to Prague later this month with some friends, there should be drawing and drinks a-plenty. I'm told a light show is a must, I can't wait to draw and take photos. I'll certainly upload some of the outcomes, this will be a great chance to experience somewhere new and diffferent!

Friday, 6 January 2012


Sorry it's brief, I can just about manage this before I fall asleep. The theme for this week's Folksy Friday is pixels. Enjoy the following retro goodies:

Weave Got Knits
Janine Basil

Funky Art

Pirate Unicorn

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Who knew having a lunchbox would make one so happy?

I bought a lunchbox in the january sales, that was the extent of my monetary adventurousness. But wow, only two days back at work and I've not set foot in the work canteen once for over-priced soggy toast or similar. I've got my lunchbox! Half price in the sale and now ensuring that none of my food gets lost/squashed/left uneaten due to being forgotten about in my bag. Who knew such a simple new possession could help me to do what I've been trying and failing to do for a few years now: bring a healthy lunch to work instead of indulging on sausage sandwiches and the like?
It's nice to know simple things can bring pleasure and genuine use, not just fancy gadgetoids. Hmm.

In other news:  I'm going to date again this new year and try to rediscover the art of flirting. I practised on the Holland and Barrett boy over christmas, I was pleased with my performance, until I asked him out for a beer and he declined - he's seeing someone apparently. I discussed this with my female friends and was shocked to find how many women still feel unable to ask a man out, not from lack of confidence, but more of a feeling that it's not the 'done thing'. Some women still feel it is seen as pushy, or even predatory, if a woman asks a man out.  Thoughts? I'd love to know what men think about this.

I've done quite a lot of drawing and doodling lately, I often turn to this when inspiration is lacking, as it sadly is at the moment. Inspriration, come back! I have produced my first piece of papercraft with a valentine theme, having enjoyed making some models I purchased over christmas. I'm going to be doing some more valentine stuff soon, so watch out.

The post below is something I produced via a photoshop tutorial, having realised how rusty I was. I was so proud of it, it went straight up on the blog, in a feeble attempt to make it look like I'd blogged properly in a while.