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Saturday, 28 April 2012

USURP Gallery zine fair, London

Have a look at these photos I took today at Usurp Gallery's zine fair in Harrow, London. Great people, fabulous zines, cute location and terrific food made by volunteers.

This is the back view of the gallery, I was outside at the bottom of the 'garden' in a large, brightly lit summerhouse type building. It was well attended, with about twelve tables in all, and the variety of zines available was excellent. I had a happy browse and bought postcards, zines, badges and art work. Occasionally I ran back to my own table to sell the odd colouring book or issue of Any Old Iron.

These guys are The Gym: check out their twitter and tumblr. They do beautiful posters (On 200 GSM! Whoa! You kind of had to be there), as well as zines, a hand stamp, and other lovely print based products. I bought one of their notebooks, and had a great chat with them. Thanks GYM for good conversation and great zines.
My table: messy as usual. You can see, if you squint, my new wordsearch  promotion postcards, my brown Thinking Notebook for zine ideas (I just love notebooks) and my join the dots sheets.

Such a great day, thank you Rachel and Rose for organising and for stocking my zines. I will definitely be going back, and it has inspired me in my tentative goal to organise something similar in Peterborough. Watch this space. As ever, if you want to swap zines with me then contact me for info, or visit my shop to contribute to my teabag fund.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Silence is boring...

But it's been down to a busy, busy life. I've got a sore throat at the moment which luckily doesn't affect my ability to type, so here we go.

This year has started really well for me, with a number of exciting jobs headed my way. I completed some project branding for a local competition called How Morland Court Got Its Name, it was great fun to do, and on top of the flyer I illustrated, I also got to deliver a workshop to local children and help them prepare entries for the competition. I really love talking to people and creating art with them so this was a golden opportunity.
I've also been making adjustments to my website, it's almost there. Next month I'll be running some more workshops in Peterborough in conjunction with Vivacity, and getting involved in a hugely exciting artists' project tied up with the Olympics. More of that when I know more.

Unfortunately this blog has suffered a bit, what with full time work, illustration commissions, swapping zines and trying to have a life. I want to get back into blogging and also featuring people on here again, so get in touch if you'd like to be on here.

This is some of the stuff I've been up to lately.