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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Cool evening air

I went to an art exhibition on Friday night in Peterborough city centre, with mum. Our Museum and Art Gallery is being renovated this year (when I say 'our', I mean The City, not as in Mine and Mum's, though how delicious would that be?) It was great to see art in alternative settings, and there was a beautiful selection, in particular the work of Tony Nero who, aside from being one of the nicest, smiliest people I have ever met, is very talented. His subjects vary but I love his food paintings the most. No change there...

This is by Paco Calvo, a local mosaic artist. I could have stood and stared at his creations all night. The picture, whilst stunning, doesn't even begin to do the work justice. How does he plan a work so complex as this? Amazing...

I did a shift in my local pub today as a favour to my friends who run it, and got chatting to someone who runs the student union in Peterborough's new university. He was talking with great excitement about plans for the future. There is a slightly dilapidated, large building in the south of the city, which seemed to have gained a new lease of life last time I cycled past. Turns out it's been bought by the university for their nursing students. Listening to him enthuse about nights out for the students and how the university will integrate, I couldn't help but get a little excited about what having a university may mean for Peterborough's future. It could inject new blood, new ideas, new bars (heehee) and hopefully even more vibrancy and individuality.

I have got very little done creatively this weekend, apart from if you count knitting a few rows of my annual jumper (estimated finish time: summer 2013). But I have been to the art gallery and the theatre, so plenty of culture and mind expansion.I've also done a little bit towards my latest commission: a logo design for Fenland Poet Laureate, along with accompanying merchandise. Will post when there is more to show you.

And then this: my latest greetings card design which I hope to have printed and for sale soon in Ghostgoose. I'm going to do some more, with a similar fantasy/circus theme. I like it! Thoughts?


  1. I haven't been to Peterborough for a while and never been to the museum or gallery, I love galleries so I'll have to remedy that.

    Jan x

  2. I love that mosaic, I make them too, but this chap makes mine look like I did them drunk and blindfold... amazing!