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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Haircut achieved... and new website design!

Not bad for a weekend's work! I'm finally happy with my website... for now. It's gone through 3 or 4 re-designs in the past year but I think I have nailed the simple, informative design I was going for. And I got my haircut, as well as meeting with my confidant for a fun storming session and work critique, in between sips of wine.

Thanks for the feedback on the birds in the last post, I think they will find their way onto a card and into the shop eventually. I did put in an order for some cards today from, and I'm itching to put them up on here but I'm going to wait until they're actually available... so that you can all stampede straight there and buy them all! Cue evil laughter...

You may have noticed I've not been interviewing people these past couple of weeks, due to being hugely busy and time whizzing by too fast for me to measure, but things have calmed down now, to a degree, so... would anyone be interested in being the next in the hotseat? I'm looking for artists, illustrators, or crafters to share their wisdom and work, with me and the Robinson public. Comment or get in touch via Read the other interviews here.


  1. Your website design is great! Really nice. I've been struggling with a design for mine and realize that while I have no problem designing a 5"x7" greeting card, designing a website is out of my league! Best -

    Dough, Dirt & Dye

  2. So you made changes on your site and your hair… That was quite on purpose, hehe. I love the fact that your website viewers don't have to scroll up and down just to see everything. You've managed to put 'em all together the best you can! Good job!