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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Who knew having a lunchbox would make one so happy?

I bought a lunchbox in the january sales, that was the extent of my monetary adventurousness. But wow, only two days back at work and I've not set foot in the work canteen once for over-priced soggy toast or similar. I've got my lunchbox! Half price in the sale and now ensuring that none of my food gets lost/squashed/left uneaten due to being forgotten about in my bag. Who knew such a simple new possession could help me to do what I've been trying and failing to do for a few years now: bring a healthy lunch to work instead of indulging on sausage sandwiches and the like?
It's nice to know simple things can bring pleasure and genuine use, not just fancy gadgetoids. Hmm.

In other news:  I'm going to date again this new year and try to rediscover the art of flirting. I practised on the Holland and Barrett boy over christmas, I was pleased with my performance, until I asked him out for a beer and he declined - he's seeing someone apparently. I discussed this with my female friends and was shocked to find how many women still feel unable to ask a man out, not from lack of confidence, but more of a feeling that it's not the 'done thing'. Some women still feel it is seen as pushy, or even predatory, if a woman asks a man out.  Thoughts? I'd love to know what men think about this.

I've done quite a lot of drawing and doodling lately, I often turn to this when inspiration is lacking, as it sadly is at the moment. Inspriration, come back! I have produced my first piece of papercraft with a valentine theme, having enjoyed making some models I purchased over christmas. I'm going to be doing some more valentine stuff soon, so watch out.

The post below is something I produced via a photoshop tutorial, having realised how rusty I was. I was so proud of it, it went straight up on the blog, in a feeble attempt to make it look like I'd blogged properly in a while.


  1. Well done getting the lunch box - and then actually using it!

    Good luck with the dating - confess to being of the old-fshioned school, even though I'd support the single daughter if she decided to follow your example!

    Look forward to seeing your latest doodles when they become full blown creations for Valentine's celebrations!

    Thanks for commenting on the Cuddlies blog at - as for your velveteen bunny, send a pic(s) to me via (our email address) and I'll be happy to assess his potential as a patient in the ColdhamCuddlies Soft Toy Clinic at! Or you can always convo me too!


  2. I think it's totally fine to ask a guy out. I'd prefer him to ask me out, but if he's shy and you can't be bothered to hang about - go for it! I asked my hubby out, before he was my hubby and he said no. But then he kissed me. And now we're married, so..... (That's a long story short btw). Anyway, found your blg through Folksy and am very much enjoying it! Pop over and see me at mine sometime :)