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Saturday, 14 January 2012

New Zine: Theodore Knuckle

I am so happy. My new zine is finally out, it's illustrated in brush and ink, 12 black and white interior pages with a colour cover. 

Every night Theodore Knuckle sits in his tiny studio, playing music and ministering to his listeners: a motley bunch of insane outcasts. In this issue we meet Theodore, the disdainful artist Danger Duck, and the mysterious straitjacketed Mr. Curtain, one of Theodore's regular listeners.

The zine has been illustrated by me, using mainly brush and ink, with some collage and a tiny bit of help from photoshop. Look out for further issues. Each purchase will include a secret freebie. It feels good to get this out there, I'm hoping to sell and swap this, perhaps at the Midlands Zine Meet I'm going to in Coventry next week.

I also received a zine today: Riot Grrr Revival, by MadeByMidge. No photo I'm afraid (pesky dark days) but it contains beautiful collaged imagery and words, came with a little flyer and friendly note. A great addition to my Zine collection :-)

I'm going to Prague later this month with some friends, there should be drawing and drinks a-plenty. I'm told a light show is a must, I can't wait to draw and take photos. I'll certainly upload some of the outcomes, this will be a great chance to experience somewhere new and diffferent!

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  1. Congratulations on finishing your zine! It's something I've seen more of lately, and sometimes they are very cool. The story sounds great! Also, I am jealous of your trip to Prague, hope it's great!