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Friday, 20 January 2012

A special Folksy Friday: Things I have bought

I've been on Folksy now for a year and a half, and in that time I've learnt a lot. I've also bought a lot! See below for images, links and a bit of ramble about the object and its significance to me. When trawling through my purchases I was sad to see some of the shops were empty, hopefully not permanently. Others were alive and kicking, and it was great to re-visit them and see what they were up to now. So, off we go on a journey of my Folksy purchases...

I lived with my best friend back in 2010 and we had some tatty old chairs we got in a charity shop. I stripped them down and repainted them, then re-upholstered them with one of my first ever Folksy purchases. And the result can be seen below. Thank you CelticFusionFabrics! Eventually I sold them on or gave them away. Can't wait for the day when I have my own place once more and can do it again...

This little cutie I bought on impulse, I could not resist him. He arrived tenderly wrapped in tissue paper and raffia, with an adorable badge I like to wear on my favourite grey sweater. He does have a tendency to fall down the back of my bed but I always dig him out and nuzzle him apologetically. This shop is still stuffed full of 'awww'-inducing cuteness, so do pay a visit.

This is AWESOME. When people comment on it (which is often) I always say it is my portable disguise. This photo was speedily uploaded to facebook when I wore it recently to a church meeting. I love wearing this to give my outfit a cheeky, irreverent touch, plus I can make myself laugh in the mirror when I put it on my face (Simple things, simple minds).

A double order from SilentTheatre. This print you see here was given to a friend who is mad about fairies, I kept the other one and it's propped on a shelf behind my jewellery stand (walls are too crumbly to hang pictures in my abode). It also came with a cute mini photo of another buxom lady with wings. The images are stunning, and the paper is thick and glossy, money well spent.
I think this ended up being an 80th birthday card for my Gran, if memory serves. I gave it to her because the card reminded me of her: Elegant, but fun and fresh, that's her all over! 

Another impulse buy. A year or so back I was quaffing wine of an evening and showing a friend Folksy, she'd never seen it before. We stumbled across this and our jaws dropped. I was super skint that month and could definitely have spent my money on more sensible things, but this hat cried out to be on my head and now I am the proud owner. My friend who works in my local pub promptly snapped up one of her own after I walked in for a pint wearing it. It's super warm, it's lined with fleece so it doesn't itch, and it draws stares and admiration a-plenty, not a hat for the faint hearted. It also was made before the high street jumped on the 'animal-hat' bandwagon, so this shop was definitely ahead of trend. Sadly her shop is fairly quiet but I hope she returns soon with her amazing creations.

My latest obsession is zines, and this is my most recent purchase: a little zine that screams cute, by KindDog. It came with two stickers, telling the story of a cat who for various reasons is having to trim down. It's a great addition to my collection, and I'll be following her shop closely from now on.
Have fun Fridays, Folksters!


  1. What a great write-up, it's such fun to find out why people buy what they do and how they get used. I think that hat is totally awesome - I love that it partly looks like a hair-do! Glad to hear that little bun still gets the odd nuzzle ;) Shaz x

  2. lovely things, lovely blog- thanks for including my little zine !

  3. Everything is so lovely! I need to get over to folksy and take a look around! I love the chairs you DIY'ed! I too hope for my own place someday & lots of pretty things. I actually got some adorable salt n' pepper shakers in the Urban Outfitters sale which I bought impulsively for the day I move somewhere new! x

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    P.S I LOVE your blog! Have a great day!!