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Tuesday, 1 November 2011


I've finished my first zine: a colouring book, and I can't remember the last time I enjoyed making something so much. All the illustrations are hand-drawn, in fact the whole thing is hand-drawn.

So many things about this project have been refreshing and cleansing - it's not for my portfolio, it won't make me much money and it will only really appeal to a niche market, that funny bunch of grown-ups who appreciate a good doodle and even still derive joy from colouring in. I won't give away too much about the content (it is for sale after all), suffice to say there's a naked man in there, along with a contented baking octopus, some dragons and a thoughtful cloud.

The world has become a brighter place since I found that making your own little comics doesn't have to stop once you leave school and your friends don't care for little aliens on their homework diaries anymore. Hurrah!

I sold my first one within half an hour of posting it on Folksy. Encouraged! Although the forum post I was blathering on shows that there is still confusion over Zines in the online crafting community...

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  1. Well, first I'm going to have to check out Folksy. Second, the Etsy Doodlers Team (where I found your blog mentioned) has a member who runs a whole site with coloring pages for kids and adults. (Not zines, mainly stand-alone pages.) Her name is Sheri (SMacsPlaceToBe) but her Etsy shops are closed temporarily due to a move across the country. :)

    Next, the whole zines thing! A couple other Doodlers (justgivemepeace and ZetasAttic) do full color zines that look really neat and fun, and I have often thought I should try one. But arrgh, never enough time for everything.

    Congratulations on that sale right out of the gate! It looks neat and your packaging is great. :)