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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Racing car- go go go girl!

Here is my latest Illustration- a racing car! This was such fun, and I think I might put it on a greetings card for when I launch my new range GhostGhoose- coming soon. Check out my other blog for stuff I make. This week I've also seen sales of my earrings go up- early christmas shopping spurt? Either way it's put a smile on my face- I make earrings for fun so I'd do it sales or no sales, but to know that other people like them is a real boost. Maybe it's my frame of mind to blame for the bright cheery colours in this weeks I.F. submission!


  1. Straight to the point and charming.

  2. Great work, great colors and great idea! I love your blog Miss Robinson!! You have a new follower!