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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

New birthday card

Here is a birthday card- the first of many I am producing, in the hope soon of starting a new shop on folksy. I thought about putting my card designs in my existing shop.

But in the end to make for a clearer selection I've decided to open a new shop, so watch this space. The existing shop SweetSuzy will continue to be solely for my handmade items. Do browse if you have a spare minute and you can see how I happily waste my saturdays, making plushies and hot dog earrings. The Giant Cuddly Ice cream Cone has created quite a stir on deviant art. :)

I was thinking of calling my greetings card/stationary shop Ghost Goose. I love alliteration, and the name was inspired by a line in the radio 4 comedy play Bleak Expectations- "My Geese! My lovely Ghost Geese!"

Lastly- thank you so much to people that have commented on my 'Spooky' I.F. entry- I'm relatively new to running a blog and I'm super pleased people are actually looking at it and I'm not rambling into an empty void! Thank you!

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  1. I really like this! I am definitely a fan of the whimsical look. Nice job! How did you create them? Digital?