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Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Currently I teach classes on perspective drawing at a college near me. The students need to learn how to use Illustrator and produce a final piece demonstrating grasp of the software, as well as understanding of perspective and how to apply it. This is a piece of artwork I produced to show them how useful the Effects - 3D - Rotate command when creating artwork. Two things I learned in advance whilst doing this: One - Plan in advance! This is an amazing tool but my how fiddly. I didnt think it lent itself well to tinkering. Two - colour in advance! It was a nightmare colouring the individual bits as once the effect is applied, the paths stay, invisible, in their original place. I had to keep switching the screen to view in Outlines just to get anything coloured. Anyway! I hope this will show them the possibilities of such a tool. Here's hoping!

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