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Sunday, 12 May 2013

C is for Cat

This week’s illustration is of The Cat That Walked By Himself, by Rudyard Kipling. So far this project has made me look around and read new material, or re-read old books I used to love. Youd think that not having a TV would leave me more time to read, but actually I seem to spend a lot of time up in my studio doing art! Which is still great.

I absolutely love cats and it’s surprising they don’t find their way into more of my illustrations. Now that I have a garden Ive been enjoying the birds visiting, so when I see a cat, my feelings are mixed. But I’ll always be a cat girl...

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  1. I love Rudyard Kipling and seeing his name in your post on Blogging Buddies made me want to click and I am so glad I did, I now love your illustrations too! Nothaving a TV is one of the most creative things you can do to boost your inner life! Can't wait to see more illustrations :-)