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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Find Me Keep Me - Peterborough 2013

What a buzzy Easter weekend. I was involved with an Arts Council funded project last week: Find Me Keep Me. It was a month in the making, and involved hiding art in the centre of Peterborough, UK, for members of the public to find. It was inspired by Free Art Friday in London, which you can educate yourself about on Youtube, should the mood take you.
There were 52 artists involved, and we were divided into teams according to our discipline - I was put into the 2D art team. We met each week in the pub to discuss potential themes for our art, promotion and how we would hide our art on the special day. Do I even need to say that there was much more laughter and messing around than proper discussion?

But we DID manage to come up with a nifty promtion idea - a folding zine that showcased all our work, to be given out and hidden on the day. Here’s us with scalpels and stuff, showing off our folding skills.

Our theme was ’treasure’, and I produced this illustration of various keys.

On the day I hid it on the steps of the Guildhall in the square... turned my back for 30 seconds, and it had gone. Excited shiver...

On the day we alternated between hiding the art, and telling the pubic about  Find Me Keep Me. We had all leafleted beforehand, as well as facebooking and tweeting about the project, but I was still amazed at the level of response. People had come into town especially to take part in the hunt, and I saw people running across the square with a map when they thought they’d found something! The whole thing was amazing, and I was lucky enough to see some delighted people discovering some art. 

So, so cool. Thanks to the organisers of this, I want to keep meeting up with all the people I met on this project, and hopefully organise some other stuff off the back of it! I hope it happens next year!

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