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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Oh gosh...

Cake eaters at The Green Backyard
I haven't written on here in ages. So much has happened, you know what this time of year can be like. I hope advent finds you all well and not too flustered! This time of year I like to try and stay contemplative, not get too rushed along with all the flotsam that gathers around the true christmas period. My Christmas colouring books have sold well this month, as have my bereavement Christmas cards, so I'm glad I tested the water with them.

Highlights of this month include: Going to an architectural drawing class at St. Johns in Peterborough, then afterwards walking out into the cold night and hearing beautiful singing underneath the city guildhall, whilst marvelling at the white christmas lights strung in a net across the square. Peterborough City Council, you have done us proud this year. Also I was at The Green Backyard again this month selling my stuff, I wandered the stalls and bought some gifts (mostly for others with some cheeky treats thrown in for me), see the above illustration. I was right next to a lady selling home made jams, jellies and cakes, at one point our little gazebo was full of happy cake eaters. Also I've been investigating several professional leads as well as battling a nasty cold/virus thing, hence the lack of posting on here. I'm gutted to have lost the plot but hopefully it's only temporary.

So far the Secret Santas I have been involved in have yielded: some Mister Men coasters, and a novelty extension socket shaped like four lemons (yes, really). I also got a handmade (cheer!) brooch from my friend at Atelier East, a cardinal bird. The person who made it obviously did it some time ago, the handmade packaging looks fairly vintage. I LOVE it.

Some things I have bought this month: some earrings from Phascination Millinery, 'Typewriter', a fantastic art zine from HighwayCharlie, and these amazing PDF fold-able cameras from Mel Stringer. Really looking forward to having a go at these.
I hope you are all prepared and ready for a peaceful happy christmas. :-) Don't forget to read Lucy Farfort's interview below, and find out more about her beautiful illustrations!

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  1. Love the drawing of the cake eaters!

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