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Monday, 22 August 2011

Scissors Paper Pencil: coffee time doodle

So, here we are. This is me at my desk looking suitably haggard, I even managed to get the bad posture that sets in once the afternoon lethargy squats over me. I drew this on my afternoon coffee break.
My life drawing tutor once told me I had all the delicacy of a sledgehammer when drawing, and he's absolutely right, I am very decisive when I draw, and love nothing more than digging that graphite right into the paper and making a deep mark. Ahh, fantastic!

I think I'd like to create some art with scissors once I get the time. Watch this space!

Interestingly I didn't specify in my rules about the colour of the pencils or the paper. Might make for some interesting work...

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Scissors Paper Pencil (and the I.F. brief)

I have decided to set myself a grand project this month: named Scissors, Paper, Pencil. The idea is simple: these three things are the only things I can use to create art, for the next four weeks.

I think this has partly been borne out of the amount of uninspiring digital work I have churned out lately, both professionally and for pleasure. I adore my computer and the creative software that comes with it, but the trouble is I feel like I've lost touch with the creative process: the mucking around that gives birth to inspiring, "eureka" moments.

So, before I ramble on into infinity, here are the rules:

  1. I can use pencil, paper, scissors/scalpel to create, and that's it. I was going to include glue, but hey, lets be spartan and keep it pure.
  2. I am allowed to use my digital camera and computer purely to upload my work onto here, and nothing more.

That's pretty much it. I'm really excited, instead of feeling limited, my mind is suddenly opening up to a wealth of possibilities. I would have been stumped if I'd had unlimited resources, that or sat down in front of the trusty mac and stared at the Illustrator workspace like a mollusc for ages.

if you'd like to join me on this project, I would love that. Just leave a comment or nudge me in the direction of your blog, and I'll be sure to mention you in my next blog posts with links, if you would like that.

To all the Friday-ers out there: Here is my Illustration Friday piece, adhering to the outlines of my new project. Sorry for making you read all this ramble. Hugs.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Plaster for the city, to sooth the pavements gritty...

This was stuck to the pavement in Cathedral Square in Peterborough's city centre. It made me smile as I was wheeling my bike through. For once I'd remembered my camera, as I often see funny objects on the pavement that I want to capture as I cycle along. My friend Karen is a photographer and collects pictures of combs she sees lying on the ground. I sent this to her, I knew she'd like it. For me it was a cheeky, bright little splodge of exuberance in a busy place.